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Site Assessment Consultation Comments

One hundred and eighty-nine residents submitted comments on one or more sites during the consultation period. These were collected on-line through this website, via paper copies of the Comments form, or through email or letter. Wherever possible, the comments have been anonymised with the name replaced by a number.

All of the comments received have been reviewed by ACV and the site assessments amended as appropriate for additional information, errors and to ensure consistency and balance. All of these comments have been submitted to MVDC together with the relevant contact details, where available. MVDC will review all the comments as part of their review of the work done by Ashtead and will use the contact information to keep residents advised of matters of interest.

Ref Site Name  Online Comments  Paper Comments  Other Comments
AS03  Lime Tree Lodge  Site AS03 Online  Site AS03 – Paper  AS03 Other
 AS05  Ashtead Garden Centre  Site AS05 – Online  Site AS05 – Paper  AS05 Other
AS06  Murreys Court  Site AS06 – Online  Site AS06 – Paper  AS06 Other
AS07  Old Chalk Pit  Site AS07 – Online  Site AS07 – Paper  AS07 Other
AS08  Land at Rookery Hill & Farm Lane  Site AS08 – Online  Site AS08 – Paper  AS08 Other
AS10  Sylvacote and Avenue Cottage  Site AS10 – Online  Site AS10 – Paper  AS10 Other
AS11  Land South of Ermyn Way  Site AS11 – Online  Site AS11 – Paper  AS11 Other
AS12  Chase Farm  Site AS12 – Online  Site AS12 – Paper  AS12 Other
AS13  Land South of Sandpipers  Site AS13 – Online  Site AS13 – Paper  AS13 Other
AS14  Land at The Pines  Site AS14 – Online  Site AS14 – Paper  AS14 Other
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