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Site Assessment Consultation

For the period 24th February to 6th April 2014, Ashtead Neighbourhood Forum ran a consultation on the assessment of ten sites in Ashtead. Each of the sites had been put forward by their respective owners to Mole Valley District Council for consideration as potential sites for housing development.

After the consultations, ACV reviewed all the comments received, amended the assessments as necessary and put their findings back to the Forum.  The Forum meeting held on 19th May 2014 reviewed and agreed the assessments for submission, together with all comments received, to Mole Valley District Council. A number of changes requested by the Forum were incorporated and the final set of documents issued on 30th May 2014. Links to these documents are included in the table below.

Mole Valley’s councillors will have the final decision on which, if any, sites are included in their Local Plan. However, this consultation process will present the consensus views of Ashtead residents loudly and clearly. Unfortunately the Mole Valley process has been significantly extended by a change in government guidance and we are unlikely to see the versions moderated by Mole Valley for some time. Mole Valley have issued the following statement.

A summary of the process is contained in the General Information (final), which should be read in conjunction with the individual site assessments below; (clicking on this link will open the document in a separate window).

MVDC Ref Site Name  Location Green Belt Area
 AS03  Lime Tree Lodge (final)  Farm Lane  D
 AS05  Ashtead Park Garden Centre (final)  Pleasure Pit Road  J
 AS06  Murreys Court (final)  Agates Lane  n/a
 AS07  Old Chalk Pit (final)  Pleasure Pit Road  J
 AS08  Land at Rookery Hill and Farm Lane (final)  Farm Lane  n/a & J
 AS10  Sylvacote (final)  Park Lane  D
 AS11  Land South of Ermyn Way (final)  Ermyn Way  F
 AS12  Chase Farm (final)  The Warren  E
 AS13  Land South of Sandpipers (final)  The Warren  E
 AS14  Land at The Pines (final)  Farm Lane  J

If you click on either the Reference Number or Title above, the Site Assessment document will open in a new window.

There was a well-attended Open Meeting at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall on the morning of 29th March, which in addition to members of ACV included four local Councillors, three Planning Officers and a group from the Farm Lane area all of whom were there to discuss these assessments. Many visitors took the opportunity to complete their comments in paper form.

All comments received have been passed onto Mole Valley District Council, alongside these assessments. Copies of all the comments received, with names removed wherever possible is included on this website HERE.