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The Transport Report is intended to provide information and evidence about transport within and out of Ashtead from which policies can be formulated for the NDP. The report draws on data from the census, MVDC, SCC and other sources.

The main conclusions of the report are:

  • We should aim to reduce congestion on the roads – nearly 60% of residents commute by car and over 50% of children are taken to school by car;
  • We should improve bus services to encourage more use and make information on bus times more available;
  • We should encourage more use of bicycles by improving cycle lanes and providing cycle racks in the shopping areas.

The report was agreed at the Forum meeting in September 2015 and appropriate policies were agreed at the October meeting.

As for all the documents that will be combined to form the NDP, this report provides the evidence and basis for the relevant part of the NDP. Hereinafter, any changes will be made to the NDP itself.