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The Infrastructure Report is intended to provide information and evidence about infrastructure within Ashtead. The original report contained two embedded documents, a letter from Thames Water and a Summary of Community Engagement, which cannot be opened from with the document itself and which are accessible from these links. The report draws on data from the census, MVDC, SCC and other sources.

The main conclusions of the report are:

  • We should identify and protect valued community assets from redevelopment;
  • We should aim to use the forthcoming Community Infrastructure Levy to support local infrastructure projects such as improved pedestrian safety and improved cycle routes;
  • We should support an increase in primary care provision;
  • We should support the enhancement of sports and recreation facilities.

The Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Forum is unable to lay down policies regarding areas managed by Surrey County Council, including school provision, roads, parking and sewerage. However, we can identify issues and ensure that they are highlighted.

This report was approved at the Forum meeting in November 2015, along with the accompanying Infrastructure Policies.

These documents have been used to create the relevant sections of the NDP. Hereinafter, any changes will be made to the NDP itself.