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The Housing Report by the Housing sub-group of ACV is intended to provide information and evidence about housing in Ashtead from which policies can be formulated for the NDP. The report draws on the results of four separate surveys carried out in Ashtead, plus data from the census, MVDC and other sources.

The main conclusions of the report are:

  • The greatest demand for housing in Ashtead is for two or three bedroom houses;
  • The number of two and three bedroom houses in Ashtead is diminishing due to owners extending their property;
  • There is a significant demand for properties suitable for the elderly and this demand will increase over the next thirteen years;
  • The existing MVDC planning policy favouring two and three bedroom houses is not having the desired impact on development is Ashtead, although targets are being met for the district as a whole.

The report discussed at the Forum meeting in February 2015. At that meeting, it was approved for wider circulation, subject to two minor changes, which were incorporated. The Housing Sub-group then  considered how to phrase additional policies to redress the issues above and a series of papers were presented to the Forum , culminating in this final Housing Policy Paper for the meeting in September.

In the second half of 2015, the Forum asked for proposals to improve off-street parking in new developments. The final paper on this subject, Off-street parking Oct 2015, was presented to the Forum in November 2015 and approved for its conclusions to be added to the NDP.

As for all the documents that were combined to form the NDP, these reports were subject to correction and amendment until such time as the NDP was published in its final form in January 2016. Hereinafter, any changes will be made to the NDP itself.