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The Environment Report is intended to provide information and evidence about green spaces and historical areas in Ashtead from which policies can be formulated for the NDP. The report draws on data from the census, MVDC and other sources.

The main conclusions of the report are:

  • Residents are passionate about our existing green spaces.
  • The open character of the village should be retained by the inclusion of areas of grass and trees in new developments wherever possible.
  • New developments should take account of the existing surrounding styles to maintain the overall character of Ashtead.
  • The sports areas attached to our schools should be protected as there are already too few playing areas for sport;
  • We should increase the play areas for young children;
  • We should continue to protect our historical features (40 Listed Buildings and 4 sites of archaeological interest), which contribute to the character of the village;
  • We should extend air quality monitoring beyond the roads adjacent to the M25 to traffic hotspots within Ashtead.

The report was agreed at the Forum meeting in September 2015 and appropriate policies were agreed at the October/November meetings.

As for all the documents that have been combined to form the NDP, this report forms the basis and evidence for the relevant section of the NDP. Hereinafter, any changes will be to the NDP itself.