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The Plan

The Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Plan

The first draft of the Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Plan was published for comments from Ashtead residents and statutory bodies from mid- January until the end of February. We received over 200 comments collected through an on-line survey and an Open Morning  at APMH on 6th February. We have now reviewed each response and made some small changes to the Plan which are included in the version linked above. The NDP was submitted to Mole Valley, together with the supporting documentation, on 18th April 2016 for formal review.

Our submission consisted of the following

  1.  Ashtead Neighbourhood Development Plan – setting out a policy framework for any future development, covering infrastructure and transport needs, style and size of housing and the protection of the Green Belt and our historical heritage.a
  2. The Consultation Statement– describing who and how we have consulted in the preparation of the Plan and how we have addressed the Consultation Responses. There are fourteen appendices:
    1. ACV timeline – a summary of the history of our work.
    2. The ACV Newsletter – an example of the newsletters that we have issued.
    3. The Ashtead and Leatherhead Local – examples of the articles that we have published.
    4. The Ashtead Organizations that we have contacted, the message we sent, and the response.
    5. The Landowners that we contacted, the message we sent and the response.
    6. The Statutory Consultees that we contacted, the message we sent and the responses from Network Rail, SCC and Surrey Highways. Further Statutory Consultees that we contacted, the message we sent and the responses from the Environment Agency and Natural England.
    7. The Poster that we used to publicise the consultation and Open Morning on 6th February 2016.
    8. The press release that we issued to publicise the consultation and Open Morning on 6th February 2016.
    9. The publicity outcomes in the Independent Newsletter, Michael Everett email, Michael Everett blog, Local Guardian newspaper, Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser and the Ashtead Residents Newsletter.
    10. The Social Media Channels that we used and the Statistics showing coverage.
    11. The letter sent to all subscribers on our email list.
    12. The Questionnaire that we used to gather comments on the Plan.
    13. A Summary analysis of responses.
    14. The full list of Responses to the questionnaire, including emails and letters.
  3. The Basic Conditions Statement – a technical document showing that our Plan is consistent with both government and Mole Valley planning policy. There are two appendices:
    1. Sustainability Assessment – Appendix 1 of the Basic Conditions Statement, produced by Mole Valley on our behalf.
    2. Strategic Environment Assessment Report – Appendix 2 of the Basic Conditions Statement, produced by Mole Valley on our behalf.

The plan contains a number of sections, each addressing a specific area. These are based on reports that have been researched and prepared by the relevant sub-groups within ACV. As each report was drafted, it was reviewed by the ACV group and published to the Forum for discussion and approval. Once approved, each report was published on the website at the links below. This was an iterative process and reports were revised or expanded as other information was obtained. Once all reports were complete, the NDP document as a whole was created and submitted to the Forum for approval for publication.

The issues and conclusions in the NDP plan are based on local surveys, government and local statistics that were combined into a series of reports and papers under the following headings:

May 2016 Onwards

We submitted the plan and all comments received to Mole Valley District Council for formal approval and adoption. This process is not simple and ended with a referendum of the electorate of Ashtead. The NDP was finally adopted (“made”) by Mole Valley in May 2017, and forms part of the district’s planning policy.